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A few years ago,  I started blogging about my experiences and observations about all of the things I witnessed a few months out of college. Whether I was headed to a job interview or simply engaging in casual conversation with friends, I realized my generation was unique…just like we were taught to be. For about five years, I actively shared these thoughts. I published so many thoughts on the subject the fodder became my first eBook.

Like most Millenials, I got bored quickly writing about the same topic, so I diverted my attention to an area of my life that I don’t like; it’s the big F-word! Finances. Yes, finances. I suck at personal finance. I have for a long time. The reason why I suck at it is because I like to spend my money on experiences and decorating my apartment and buying quality food and enjoying time with friends and on the latest technology and so forth. All the while I have to meet my baseline monthly expenses. Like every other Millenial, I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

But, let’s face it. That can only go on for so long until changes have to be made. That’s where I am today.

While like several other individuals my age, I have student loans and bills. While some expenses are inevitable, my goal is to cut them where I can. I am tired of riding the hampster wheel, and it’s time to slow it down and eventually, I hope to get off of it, while having fun doing so.

I share my experiences with other Millenials in hope that they can learn from my experience, get a boatload of tips, tricks and tools to get ahead, and occasionally, have their champagne with no guilt.

Join me on my journey to figure this all out. Trust me, they did not teach this in college.

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